Draught Beer

Pulaski Pils.
Son of Juice.

Beer Pitcher

Beer and Seltzers

Beer – Fistmas, Flywheel, Allagash white, Gumballhead, Lagunitas IPA, Miller Lite, Modelo.
Seltzers - High noon, White claw.
Ciders - Ace.

"Tiny Tim" Shot

Shot of our house, whiskey, tequila, or bourbon.


Mulled, Red, White, and Sparkling.

Basic cocktail

Spirit + Mixer (jack/coke, G&T, Vodka/Cran).

Spiked Hot Cocoa

Naughty – Jack Daniel's fire cinnamon.
Nice - Maplewood, chocolate liqueur
Topped with whipped cream, and XO marshmallow.

Signature cocktail

Marley's Margarita - Herradura cran-raz margarita.
Cratchit's Fireside - Old Forrester bourbon maple old fashion.
Ebenezer's cap - Jack Daniel's whiskey sour with a red wine float.


Hot Dog

A hot dog, served in a bun with a condiment of choice.

Warm Pretzel

A warm pretzel, served with a choice of Mustard and/or Cheese on the side for dipping.


Nachos, served with an optional topping of cheese and/or jalapeños.

* Soft drinks are not included in the token system and can be purchased on-site with card/cash.
**Gratuity not included